Fostering a range of business types that diversify the local tax base, keep our local economy strong, and celebrate our unique community fabric.

Economic development is more important than ever during times of economic retraction and downturn as communities strategize for business growth and resiliency. Economic developers and the programs they implement are an investment in growing and sustaining local economies. They help support the local businesses who contribute to the workforce and the municipality’s coffers as it provides resources to fund services residents need to have a good quality of life. A key path to growing your revenues is investing in economic development to ensure that your community’s businesses are successful.

Economic Developers Support Successful Businesses through:

  • Connection to Resources & Capital
  • Problem Solving
  • Marketing the Community as a Great Place to Invest & Do Business
  • Navigating the System
  • Community & Economic Revitalization
  • Site Development
  • Strategies for Business & the Community

Successful Businesses Provide:

  • Local Tax Revenue
  • Employees in the Community
  • Stronger Social Fabric
    • supporting the community
    • being part of the community culture
  • Growth Potential for Residents

Business Tax Revenue Supports these Community Assets:

  • Public Employees
  • Quality of Life
  • Parks & Amenities
  • Roads & Infrastructure
  • Public Safety
  • Housing Funding

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Benefits of Economic Development Include:

  • Maintain, increase, & diversify tax base
  • Increase revenues faster than cost of municipal services increase
  • Business Retention
  • Economic vitality and diversification for commercial and industrial areas
  • Maximize property through highest & best use
  • Create and retain jobs, increase per capita income
  • Self-sufficiency in the face of state and federal budget issues
  • Recognition of local products
  • Beneficial partnerships between local governments, businesses, & community members