Making an Impact

Celebrating 40 years of Economic Development

What is this campaign about

Economic development practitioners and stakeholders have been doing great work in their field for the last 40 years. CALED wants to highlight these successes and celebrate their work during CALED’s 40th Annual Conference.

Campaign participation benefits

  • Showcase the impact of economic development in California for the last 40 years during the 40th CALED Annual Conference

  • Marketing and publicity on CALED’s social media channels and website

  • Encourage networking in the economic development field

How to Get Involved

Members can get involved easily with this campaign

Follow us on Twitter @CALED_EconDev and share your #econdev success with hashtag #econdev #makinganimpact


#Econdev projects/programs economic developers helped lead

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Read an in-depth analysis on an economic development project/program in an California community

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